Connect to your bank for automatic updates and simple bank reconciliation

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Connect your bank accounts to Xero

Xero automatically imports your bank and credit card transactions on a daily basis, saving you time and money.

account reconciliation dashboard

Automate transaction matching

Create custom rules to match your bank transactions automatically to invoices, bills and purchases recorded in Xero making reconciliation seamless.

reconciliation accounting

Reconcile large numbers of transactions quickly

Use cash coding to sort and match large numbers of transactions in bulk, applying bank rules as you go.

bank reconciliation software automation

Reconcile on mobile

Match your bank transactions on your phone from bed, over coffee, or on the train, and start your day knowing exactly where you stand

Mobile bank reconciliation
"I’d rather face root canal surgery with no anaesthetic than do bank reconciliations. But with Xero, there’s a game-like quality that actually makes it fun. And I’m disappointed when it’s done!" Devan Sabaratnam

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